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Every teardrop is a Waterfall~ ♪♫

Be Fearless. Be Positive. Be Original.

New user..so forgive me if I made mistakes... I'm a human and I believe that we must save the Earth...XD a Jpop fan :) and a bit of Jrock, yeah, like that. :D

I like Hey Say JUMP, especially the boy who loves Pocky.. I'm concerned about Nature and the environment. I love Pandas and Bears and Hamsters and Rabbits
(But I think I like all animals -_-)..
I'm fond of writing..
I get tired easily especially when the thing I was doing bores me~ and I get bored easily too, I stay at quiet places every time because I really don't like noisy places (though I'm sometimes a noisy person XD) I won't make this long... to you who's reading this, nice to meet you! :)