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Fame? : Chapter 2

Title: Fame 
Author: marshmallowai
Pairing: Daiki x OC
Genre: Angst, Fluff, Crack  /wow, almost all in one O.o
Rating: G

Time to say goodbye. The only thought that came to my mind. I never thought there'd be a time for 'real' friends to finally part. I didn't understand his choice, perhaps I never understood him that much. The one thing that I never understood from all things he has done was when he smiled at my crying face. After he has gone I thought how stupid he is. Really stupid. 


"What in the world was that?!" Daiki shouted back at me after I shouted on his ear. That's only because he was so busy he didn't notice me! I even called him around 5 times or what! 

"What in the world is that?" he was holding a magazine, and then there's this guy, who was almost naked (WTH), posing. Okay seriously, we've been friends for a long time now but I never knew Arioka Daiki is a perverted guy. And (WTH really) gay? He closed the magazine after I asked, and he avoided my gaze, seems like he blushed. I repeated my question with more emphasis.

"AnAn" he whispered, I heard him though. 

"Why are you looking at something like that?" I asked

"N-nothing, really. And I'm not gay, Kimi!" he suddenly turned to me. HAHAHAHAHAH. 

"Then why's the guy like-- like that?" I pointed at the closed magazine again, and he pouted and looked like duck. You were supposed to be a Penguin, Daiki. 

"He's a Johnny's Idol" he said "If you even knew what that is" and he looked like he's teasing me! I'm just as knowledgeable as you in Showbiz, Daiki!

"Weren't those the guys who dance and sing and seduce teenage girls?" Well, I was supposed to say 'and teenage boys as well' but he might get mad so drew that away. 

"They don't! They just do their job, that's all. And they inspire people, Kimi." His eyes became dreamy, wow. 

"Someday I want to be like them." he smiled. 

"No." I said firmly. He just pouted again. A penguin, Daiki. You were supposed to be a Penguin. He asked me why. And I just gave him the looks, I don't know what looks those were. I can't explain myself, but he suddenly turned gloomy after that. I tried to talk to him once more, he just ignored me, though. And the school bell suddenly rang, signaling the start of the classes. Everyone came in and sat at their own seats, giving me no time to explain more of my side.


There became more times of me seeing him scanning through different magazines. I don't even know why. He didn't told me. He watched a lot of videos as well, whenever I come to their house, he's either watching a video of boys having a concert or watching something else. There's even a time when I got mad at him and I avoided him all day because we don't hang out like before anymore. He looked for me in the whole school, and I was just laughing my heart and lungs and other internal organs out because I was actually following him while he was looking for me. When he finally caught me, he just pouted like a duck again, and then laughed his internal organs out as well.

I'm really sorry because I don't update that much. >.< Sorry for the short chapter as well! ;A;' School became busier because we got a punishment and a task to make a book report of 25 novels to be submitted on December 15 HAHAHAHA. xD I don't even know why I laughed, but the real reason for us getting the punishment's quite funny so... I'd really like to say sorry for updating late. And thank you for reading the chapter as well! :)) I'll appreciate it if you will comment but if not, everything's fine. xD Thank you again for reading~! :D