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Fame (Fanfic) Chapter 1

Title: Fame 
Author: marshmallowai
Pairing: Daiki x OC
Genre: Angst, Fluff, Crack  /wow, almost all in one O.o
Rating: G
A/N: After a year of laziness, I wrote a story again! xD I'm not that familiar with posting anymore, so if there's a problem, please tell me so. :)) I don't really know if anyone would read my failures, but if you will, I hope you enjoy! xD


Has it been months now? I do think its been years. Yes. Years since we last talked. I sometimes forget about him, really. But those times were only when I am happy. Too happy to even remember anything. Too happy I could die. But the thing that really kills me? Those sad times I remember him. Remember everything about him. About how we first met, how we first talked to each other, how he thought I was smiling at him and how he smiled back. And how I let him go. 


"Bestfriends, aren't we?" he said as he came closer at me, offering a flower. I looked at the flower, eyeing every part of it. Bougainvillea, surely from his mom's garden. Surely she would scold him, surely he'd go crying over our house and blame me for it. He noticed me looking at the flower, and as if he can read my mind, he smiled his usual happy smile.

"Don't you worry! Mom won't know, unless you tell her! And I won't go crying over you house, that's for sure." 

"For sure what, monsieur?" Wow, I like the rhythm. And I also like addressing him like that.

"I'm a grown up, mademoiselle" Okay, maybe we just had too much of French Novels translated to English. I pouted at that, and then grinned, accepting the flower. I don't know how and when we started this silly game of him offering me a flower and calling each other with French honorifics, but it just continued. Continued and continued even now when we're already 14 years old. Weird. But that's how it is! By the way, my name is Kimi Adachi, a 14-year-old beautiful girl. And the slave boy who offered me a flower is named Arioka Daiki. And he's also the one striking through words he doesn't agreed to. Anyway! We live in the same neighborhood as most of the school-based stories are! And don't forget, we are childhood bestfriends! 


I can say he's one of the most important persons of my life, I even know him well! I can even tell you his favorite songs, his favorite color's blue, he loves to argue, and born on the 17th. 

No. It has become a Taylor Swift song. He's born on the 15th. He doesn't love to argue, but he do value his own opinion. He's friendly, he's smart, he's courageous, he's kind and I can tell you more. I bet he can tell many things about me as well! 

He's not here, though. Well, not anymore. For some reason, he isn't with me anymore. I wanted him to be here, just that, it might be impossible now. Too impossible.

I'm sorry for the angst. xD Comments are very much appreciated! And thank you for reading the first chapter. :)) I hope I can do well on this and continue it (well, I was bound to. xD) I suggest you to comment so I'll have to remind myself that someone actually read it! xD Really really thank you for reading! :))