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Mr.Suave XDD

Thoughts (2/2)

 Title: Thoughts
Characters: Chinen Yuri and some HSJ members are mentioned too :D
Genre: Comedy
Rating: G

Here is the Part one :D

"at the room" they answered in unison, and got back to work.

Chii bowed his head and immediately ran back to his room to figure out what really is happening, he peeked on the white door but a Penguin kicked him in and waddled down the stairs quickly, probably happy for his success 

"Wait, why is it suddenly so cold here?" he asked, nothing had really changed, except for the temperature which was once warm

"Dai-chan? Where are you?" he asked as he looked from left to right, there was a thump on a certain door, he can hear it a little and walked closely to hear more, but wait, there were only two doors in his room, the main door and the comfort room's door, how come there were three this time?

He looked at his back before peeking in again, being more cautious about weird Penguins running around the house wanting to kick his butt.

No weird Penguins! and he peeked in,looked around and pulled his head back because of the cold temperature. The really really cold temperature.  But he decided to just get in, so he pushed the door again and now, with the more different scene, all he can do was to stare at it with awe

WHY ARE THERE GLACIERS IN HERE?! he asked himself. Yeah, how come there's glaciers in his room? Well, you gotta ask Arioka Daiki with this. Yes, Arioka Daiki, the Daiki who was playing cards with a Penguin.

"Dai-chan? What are you doing?" he asked, but Daiki seemed to be very busy, so he asked again but this time, Daiki looked at him with cold eyes, eyes colder than the temperature in the room

"Chii, if you won't stop being a nuisance then Sunsan will go away and the temperature will be forever like this!" he scolded, but hey, how was that connected with playing cards with a Penguin?

Daiki heard his thoughts, and answered him in an explaining look

"If I won this card game the Sunsan will be convinced that we really need him, so please Chii, just watch ne"

But you were Penguins, penguins doesn't need too much warm, Dai-chan..... Chii thought again, but just decided to go out of the house in hopes that someone can help him with this not so big problem.

So again, he ran down the stairs, opened the house's main door and again....could only stare at it with awe.
Ice Cream houses, there were. Like the ones in the stories his Mom would always tell when he was young, the ones he truly believed in, the ones he wished that existed, up until now that he's seventeen.

At his right side was a signboard. "Ice Cream Band, now performing! Get your butt out of that place and go at the back of this house! :)"  it was written in small letters but wasn't that small for Chii not to be able to read it.
He quickly ran at the back of their house, as he came closer, he can hear sounds getting louder, he can hear Yabu's voice already, he ran faster, and again, how come it was that long? Why is it that he was running faster yet the back of their house seemed to be still far?

But, let's set those aside, and then, there he came, finally. There were so many fans but he can see the band's faces. Yabu-kun with his guitar, Hikka-chan too (still in his natural hair color xD), Yuto-kun playing the drums and Kei-chan in Piano.

But their instruments aren't that normal, it either looked like a Candy, a Marshmallow or a Chocolate Bar.
Everyone there enjoys the music, but Chii doesn't, it sounded weird to him, like it was made to hurt his ears, which he covered not long afterwards. He looked around, and up to the perfect skies, it was perfect. Really perfect. It was the place where he always wanted to be, the imaginary place he loved. But why is it that it makes him feel guilty to like the place? Was it that he was too attached to his imagination that this happened? 

He felt it all, everything was coming back to him, those times when he was young and he wished to have an Ice Cream house and live there with his family, but they thought it was wrong, too wrong, but to Chinen Yuri it wasn't. The time when he insisted that Daiki was a Penguin and he needs to get back to North Pole, the time when he imagined that JUMP can build a great Ice Cream band, and the recent one, when Yamada forced him to wake up in the reality that none of those can be true but he didn't listened and locked himself in his room.

"Chii? Are you fine?" someone asked, Chii was still covering his ears, but Ryuu took it off, he looked at him straight in the eyes and Ryuu joked at him by making his eyes bigger (which still looked normal) and laughed.


Chinen looked around, everybody was there, staring at him with concerned looks, he smiled at them  
"Hungry?" Yamada asked, and offered him a Cake which he accepted and ate

"You came running into my room" Daiki said while Chii was still eating "I asked you what's wrong, but you just looked at me and covered your ears" he continued. Chinen looked at them 

"No, those were just...thoughts." he answered. Thoughts, perhaps. But he can actually stay there for a little longer, but he didn't.


It doesn't really look like Comedy lol xD And sorry if it took me so long to update the second and last part. >.<

I really hope everyone who read it enjoyed it, well, if there's any. T_T But I figured out that if you are reading thi part then you read the story too, thank you for that. :D