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Mr.Suave XDD

Thoughts (1/2)

 Title: Thoughts
Characters: This is Chinen-centric :D (but other JUMP members are included too)
Genre: I really don't know. (Head n Shoulders commercial joke~ xD)
Rating: G

    "Chii, locking yourself on your room won't help at all" Yabu said in sincere tone, trying to convince Chinen to talk with them, but there was no answer, and all they can hear were sobs, sobs, and sobs from Chinen

"Chii~!!" Morimoto Ryutaro screamed like a Mother, after that, there was another loud noise coming from inside the room, it was Chii, who threw something at the door

"You made him madder!" Takaki scolded as he punched Ryuu lightly on his chest, there was silence again. and silence......and silence....and sile--

"I hate reality..." Chinen whispered, but that whisper wasn't soft enough for them not to hear, the three looked at each other and Chinen continued, "there's nothing in reality, nothing. Just people trying to act like they knew ever single thing about a person even though they don't" no one knew what to say 

"Just give it a time, Chii. Please, give it a time" Yabu said as he left, with Ryuu and Takaki following him, seriously, at times like this, no one would know what to say to comfort Chinen, what they really do was to just let him be and after a day or what, he would return to his natural happy self. But this was different, so much different. 

I wish I wasn't here. I wan't to go somewhere. Anywhere. Just not here. 

                                                                                       *  --------------- *

It was a Sunday morning and the loud noise from the kitchen woke Chinen Yuri up. His vision wasn't really that clear and it was blurry, but he can't be wrong with this...there was something in front of him, a small figure, it walked closer to him but he can't really see it clear, he tried rubbing his eyes again but it was still blurry. What is wrong with my eyes?!  he tried to calm himself and closed his eyes for a minute, but when he opened them again, the small figure was gone. And the noise from the kitchen was getting louder so he got up and rushed downstairs, but as all Mothers said, running down the stairs is dangerous, which was true.
Chinen bumped with something weird again, he looked at it and--

"A PENGUIN?!" he said..out loud. The Penguin was holding a tray, and beside him was a spilled milk and a broken glass, it was frightened and it looked like it was near to tears

"D-dai-king told me t-to bring you t-the m-milk..."it said with a cute voice, but its terrified face was so much cuter, like Daiki when he realized there's no Pocky left 


"UN! DAI-KING!" it answered proudly, as if "Dai-king" was the greatest person who ever lived in this universe

"Ne, sorry for spilling the Milk, and scaring you" Chii said, and the Penguin nodded and smiled cutely, like Daiki when he realized Takaki was holding a Pocky for him (TADAIKI FAN HERE xD)

"Where's your Dai-king, by the way? May I know?"he asked again, to stop all of this weirdness. The Penguin hold his hand and ran to the kitchen, he opened it slightly and peeked in, but Dai-king wasn't there, and to know  why there was such a noise at the kitchen, Chinen opened the door fully and .....

"What the--" his eyes were glued to the view, there were Penguins cooking, some are cleaning the room, the one he met was getting a Milk, probably for him.

"H-hello" he tried to talk to them and all the Penguins suddenly looked at him

"W-where's your Dai-king?" he asked them

"at the room" they answered in unison, and got back to work.

O____O I really don't know if it's good or bad or what. But still, thank you for reading! :) ANd, mind telling me what you think about it? :D


Thank you!! :DD
Yep, because at first I thought no one would read it so I made it shorter xD And if it's longer, I think I won't be able to focus on the story because of school and it might end up being a fail T.T But still, thank you for reading! I really appreciate it :)
Lol thank you for the motivation xD :DD