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Mr.Suave XDD

A Fan's Prediction

 Title: A Fan's Prediction
Characters: Chinen, Daiki, Ohno and Nino :D
Genre: Failed Comedy xD *you should laugh to make me feel better! joking~ :P*
Rating: G
Summary: Wherein Chinen's like a future teller and Daiki's not awesome at all. 

          Upon entering the dressing room, Daiki saw Chinen with lonely eyes, he's sitting on the couch near the window and was looking at a picture, he came close to see who the person in the picture was and smiled. I knew it was Ohno-kun, LOL I'M AWESOME!, the funny Penguin thought

"Chii, you look lonely, what's wrong?" he finally asked

Without taking his eyes away from the picture, he answered, "I think I lost my wallet"

"Oh I see, we should find it then"

"No Dai-chan, that wallet contains nothing"

"Oh so there's nothing important in that wallet"

"No, it has nothing in it, literally"

   Daiki's eyes widen and realized that he wasn't awesome he should just ask Chii something so he won't feel lonely anymore

"So, why are you lonely, and the wallet, it has nothing in it?"

"It's new you know" Chii's still looking at the picture

"And the picture? Why are you looking at Ohno-kun's picture?"

"I don't know either"


"I just feel that something's wrong with Ohno-kun"

"In that picture?"


"What?" Oh my God this conversation is making me feel wrong and rejected! *pouts*

Chii finally looked at Daiki and answered, "Ohno-kun's thirsty and he doesn't have any water with him"

"Whaaaat? Hahaha..Chii....I never thought that..hahaha.. you can...hahaha" Daiki said between his laughs, Chii looked at him with angry eyes

"Hm. I'm sorry Chii. I just never thought that you can predict what's happening to Ohno-kun" he said then smiled, and patted Chii's shoulder, it felt good to Chii and so, he smiled too

"Ne, I'm going out~ I still have to look for Yabu" Daiki smiled and Chinen nodded, as he went out of the room, Chinen whispered, "he's with Ninomiya-san" 

                                                  ~ ♫♪ ♥ ♫♪ ♥ ♫♪ ♥ ♫♪ ♥ ♫♪ ♥ ♫♪ ♥ ♫♪ ♥ ♫♪ ♥ ♫♪ ♥ ♫♪ ~

          Daiki was walking, and humming Kimi to boku no Future when he saw Ohno Satoshi and Ninomiya Kazunari walking together, and it looks like they saw him too, they walked closer to him and greeted him, Daiki greeted back, he looked at Ohno and remembered something .... "Ohno-kun's thirsty and he doesn't have any water with him"

"Ne, where are you going?" Nino asked Daiki

"I'm looking for Yabu-kun! How about you, sempai?" he asked back, Nino looked at Ohno

"Ahh, Riida said he was thirsty, too bad he doesn't have any water with him, so we're going to the vending machine" he answered. Daiki's lower jaw hit the floor. 


Fail :x but I still posted it, lololol xD Thank you for reading it! Comments are loved ♥ and tell me what you think of it ==" :)) And Dai-chan's super awesome OKAAAYYY? *biased here xD* everyone in J.E. is awesome by the way, and Johnny-san himself too. xD


Wherein Chinen's like a future teller and Daiki's not awesome at all.
I had a mini heartache when I saw that Daiki's not awesome. D: Glad it's just fiction. ;D

This is great, and Chinen's fanboy side is really appearing. xDD Thank you for sharing!
But Dai-chan's really awesome ne~ xD

I'm glad you liked it! Thank you for reading it!! :D
Aww~ Chii ish a cute fanboy! ^O^
sou ne~ I wish I could predict what JUMP members are doing xD Thank you Hannah-chan! :))
If only... :P

You're welcomeeeeeee
Haha that would be great xD
Daiki's just not an awesome fanboy of Ohno! XD He's awesome in every other things XDDD

Haha, this was entertaining! :DDD
So true! xD Thank you for reading it! I loveee youuuu!!♥ *cause I seriously thought no one's going to read this ==" thank you! :D

lol thank you for reading!! eheheh~ :D