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ItaDAIKImasu! (oneshot)

 Title: Itadaikimasu!!
Pairing: Daiki x Rika
Rating: G
Summary: Daiki hates the "ITADAIKIMASU!!" thingy that his family and friends keeps on saying before eating, never did he knew that at the end he'd prefer to say that than the normal one. (Oh see, the summary sucks >.>)

" ARIGATOU RIKA-CHAN!!" Arioka Daiki shouted happily on the phone that made Adachi Rika move her phone a bit far

"You're welcome, copy the assignments next time, kay!" she said "Bye bye!"

"UWAAAA!! I can't believe I talked to her!!" he exclaimed  while biting his lip and holding his tummy, the whole Arioka household can actually hear it, especially his brother whose room is just next to him
"How obsessed" he whispered and continued reading. After that, their mom called them for breakfast and they immediately went downstairs, afraid of what their sometimes-freaky mother might do

"ITADAIKIMASU!!" Daiki's father, mother, and freaking brother said...he looked at them one by one, and to his food
"Itadakimasu" he whispered 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

"Oh, Arioka Daiki-kun!!" someone yelled at Daiki's back, he looked and saw NEWS' Tegoshi Yuya and Masuda Takahisa, he greeted them and  he felt happy for being able to talk to his sempais, they talked about such things and most of their topics are all about J.E.

"Ne, Daiki-kun, what do you think of TegoMass?" Masuda asked

"I think you're great!!" he answered excitedly

"Well, you and Masu can form a duo too, you know" Tegoshi said and question marks can be seen on Daiki's face

"It shall be called 'ItaDAIKIMASS' "he said, and smiled very wide

"ITADAIKIMASS!!" both Tegoshi and Masuda said

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~ ~  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Takaki yawned "Daikiiiiii....I'm bored~ arrrgg, what took Hikaru so long? I'm bored and hungry now" 

"Just wait" he simply answered, someone opened the door and Takaki's eyes shined so bright, it's Hikaru with lots of foods 

"Ahh...I've been waiting for so long!!" he said and continued rummaging the plastic bag for his favorite food

"Oh shut up Bakaki, you waited for 10 minutes" 

"ITADA-" Daiki glared at him and

"kimasu...Itadakimasu" he cut Takaki off and opened a box of Pocky

"A..haha...but it sounds cute, Dai-chan! Itadaikimasu!!" Hikaru said

"BUT IT SOUNDS LIKE 'LET'S EAT DAIKI!!' " he exclaimed

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

"Ne, the canteen's full, I think" Rika said as she looked around searching for a free table

"Over there, Daiki-kun's alone, let's see if he wants to seat with us" her friend suggested, they walked closer to Daiki and asked, he excitedly said 'yes'.

"Itadaikimasu!!" Rika said, smiling. Daiki looked at her weirdly and she noticed that

"Oh you don't like that? I think it fits your name" ....Daiki kept looking at her

"Are you angry?" she asked again, waving her hand in front of Daiki's face

"Oh Oh ..what?" he asked back

"Well, I said 'Itadaikimasu' because I think it fits your name..teehee" she answered shyly, it made Daiki blush though

"Yeah, It's okay"

"It's okay to say that? Because Takaki-kun told me that you hate it when someone says that "

"It's okay!! You can always say that! Always!" he said while nodding


"Rii-chan, he's obsessed" Rika's friend whispered. 

I made this one at school 'cause I was bored, hehe XD
Though I don't know if it's good or what, by the way, thanks for reading~ and feel free to comment too, tell me what you think about it~ :))

 Oh and...there's a page in Facebook made for teasing Daiki XD If you wanna join just click here


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