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Penguin 5/5

 Title:  Penguin
Author: marshmallowai
Pairing: Daiki x OC
A/N: I'm really sorry for not updating that fast T_T, our internet connection was cut for 5 days and I had to go to Internet Cafes yet the time's still not enough cause I'm a slow typer (-_-) Here's the update, by the way, hope you enjoy it and sorry if it sucks O.o

"Kei, why are you here, by the way?" Hana asked

Kei grinned "Well....I don't know either...I'm just here!" he looked at Daiki who remained silent and asked back "Why is he here, by the way?" Hana just raised an eyebrow, Kei glared at him, and she glared back

"W-what about going to the park?!" Daiki suggested with a fake smile, just to prevent those Saitama Folks from arguing

~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~

"Daiki, what are we going to do here...you still mad at me because we didn't played and I left you and we went to Saitama?" Hana asked sleepily, Daiki shook his head, "I'm bored, though" Hana continued

There was silence after that, Kei seems bored too, he pointed on some weird woman clothes which he said was "cool" and stopped after being whacked by Hana

"Daiki!!" someone shouted from their back, Daiki looked and saw Takaki waving from a store, he signaled him to come and Takaki ran towards them

"Hi there Hana!" he greeted and noticed someone beside her "who's this pretty girl?"

"I'm not a girl!" he defended 

"Where are you  going?" Takaki asked Kei who shrugged his shoulders, and Takaki whispered "Oh my".
The two of them continued talking like they knew each other for a long time, Hana called for them to walk faster but Takaki and Kei was having a nice conversation, Takaki laughs so hard to Kei's joke that they are now  receiving stares from people around them YET, the two of them doesn't seem to care

"What are they talking about?" Daiki asked while looking at Takaki who's laughing so hard with no sounds coming out from his mouth 

"I don't know either. Man, they look crazy" Hana answered, looking at Kei who's holding his tummy "Oh let's just ignore them" she continued

"Yeah...let's pretend we don't know them" they walked faster and left them...

- ~ ~ ~  ` ~ ~ ~ ` ~ ~ ~ ~ ` ~ ~ ` ~ ~ ~ ` ~ ~ ~ ~ `~ ~ ~

"That's really funny Kei!!" Takaki said while patting Kei's shoulder, Kei just looked around with a question mark on his face

"Where's Hana and Daiki?" he asked, and yes, they can't see them, they looked at each other with wide eyes

"We laughed too much" they said in unison

~ -~ - ~ - ~ - ~- ~-~- ~- ~- ~- ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - 

"You two were having a nice conversation, so we decided to leave" Hana said while munching on her food

"Yup. And we saw a nice Ice Cream Booth" Daiki added, he pointed on an Ice cream Booth near them, while they was on their way to buying an Ice Cream , Takaki opened up a new conversation

"Daiki looks like a penguin, right?" he asked, Kei nodded "She once talked about something Penguin-related"


"Oh my gosh why is everything sepia in color?!" Kei asked

"What do you expect? THIS is a flashback" Hana answered, and Kei's lower jaw opened

"Oh...and..Kei..next week we'll be going back to our old house in Tokyo" she added

"Ehh? Whyy?"

"Well, I want to study there, you know..and..I missed someone" she explained

"Who?" Kei asked again

"A Penguin"

End of Flashback

"The colors are back!" Kei said happily, Takaki stared at him "Haha..so, yeah" Kei said

"I have a plan" Takaki said, and he whispered something to Kei who grinned

~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~

"Hana.." Takaki said in a serious tone


"Daiki likes you" 

"You're kidding me"

"I'm not"

"You are" 

"I said I'm not!"

Hana ignored Takaki and Daiki was left frozen by their short conversation

"Takaki..what are you saying?" he asked

"Hana~ Daiki likes you, you know~" Takaki repeated, she looked at him, and to Kei who's trying to stop his laughter

"He's telling the truth...we'll leave now..jaa!" they waved their hands and ran as fast as they could, leaving the two of them still seating on the same bench. It was Dawn already and fewer persons pass by, they were left in silence

"For real?" Hana asked 

"Eh?!" Daiki stood up "You believed them?!" 

"EHHHH??!!...then you don't like me?" she asked again, and Daiki felt confused. What am I gonna say?. he thought

"You can confess anytime, Daiki~ it's okay, I don't bite!" she said in a comfortable tone

"What are you saying? And why would I confess?" he asked 

"Because you like me~" 

"Why are you so proud?" Daiki asked again, Hana stood up too

"You can make it simple..just say 'I. Like. You.' that's fine~" she said, Daiki blushed, he stared at her. He should confess, he thought so too, a lot earlier, yet he feels shy, and hopeless.  And suddenly something popped-up from his mind

"Wait...why do I have to confess if you already knew I admire you?!" 

"Because it's needed~!!" Hana answered impatiently. Silence

"I like you...will you go out with me?" he asked shyly. Hana grinned "what's your answer?" Daiki continued. Hana glared at him...and she ran, Daiki was left alone, still wondering what happened

"Was it all a dream? Or this girl's being crazy?" he asked himself and decided to go home, he felt sad 

"She told me to confess and then she ran?..what's with her?" he asked again, staring at the ceiling. He felt his eyes closing when his phone rang, a new text message, it was...yet from a number he can't recognize, it contains only three letters..."Yes" ....it read.

T_T ... that was the end....you see? you see?... I think it's baaaaad~
And I bet you guys knew who the sender was..hehe :) 
Sorry for a bad ending, ne~ my mind's totally blank. And please tell me what you think about it
Thank you for reading Penguin from the start till the finish!! :DD



Sorry I didn't comment on the other one... But i read it! I just forgot to comment.. ^^;;;;
it's okay you know~ XD thank you for reading~ :D
You're welcome. It's gooooood! :D
thank you so much! :) I tried my best to make some scenes funny though I don't know if it was funny. haha XD
It was funnyyyy!!
Good job!
LOL thank you again~ :D
You're welcome again!! :DD
should I say thank you again?..lol XD
Hahhaa. I keep replying because I feel like I've rejected the person if I don't!! XDDDDD
LOL I feel that too~ and sometimes I don't even know how to end the conversation..T.T
Hahaha. SAME HERE!!!
Haha XD btw, this is your first time being first and Amanda-chan's on the second...just noticed~ thank you for reading my fanfic from the start till the end~ :D
Yesh! Amanda-chan and I are Ninja Buddies~ ^3^
So we comment on fic fast. XZDDDDD

You're welcome! Again... :P
Oh I see~ you two were always the first ones to comment on this fic... XD
We're speciall~~` XD
LOL yeah! :D
love it!
thank you~ :D
you're welcome :)
lol I'm so stupid ><
I just saw this :P
*off to read!*
AWWW~ our little penguin is all grown up now!~ Sweet ♥
yeeee~ ♫ though Hana seems a little bit crazy at the end..LOL XD thank you from reading Penguin, ne~ ♥
Haha. Your welcome!! ♥ LOL.. A bit maybe :))
wahahaha XD by the way I saw a fanfic on your journal, going to read it!! :))