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Penguin 4/5

 Title: Penguin
Author: marshmallowai
Pairing: Daiki x OC

    Students hurriedly went to their seat after chatting with their classmates and such...with books on his hands, their teacher's walking towards their room now, the students greeted him, they bowed, and he looked at them one by one.

"Minna, we have a transfered student...she's from...ah...Saitama...she's from Saitama, come in now, Karino-san" he explained...and Daiki felt sudden happiness, he got excited after hearing "Saitama" and "Karino-san"....he's sure..he's sure it's Hana.

      The girl walked, she looked sleepy, and a bit shy, Takaki looked around the classroom and everyone's looking at her. Amazed. He could also hear some whispers from his girl classmates saying how beautiful she is.

   "Good morning, my name's Hana Karino and I'm from Saitama, yorushiku" she introduced herself, making her bangs fell, making her look more beautiful. Th teacher told her where to sit, near the window at the back, far from Daiki, the teacher started his lesson and while the lesson goes on..Hana can feel stares from someone, someone far from her.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

 "YUUUUUYAAA!! Don't you recognize her? She's Hana-chaaaaaan~ Takaki Yuyaaaa!!" Daiki's now shouting, Yuya DOES recognize her, but recess is the most important time in school for Takaki, he focused on his cellphone and food and Daiki whacked him

"Ah! Gosh Daiki! I do recognize her! And PHU-LEAZE stop bugging me, can't you see? We're in the School Garden ..don't whack me like that!" Yuya exclaimed, Daiki froze, after seeing Hana...walking towards their direction

"Ano..hi..."she started, Daiki was still frozen on his seat 

"Umm...well, I kinda recognize you, and your name is Daiki am I right? And we were schoolmate when I was 7, still remember? And you know moved to Saitama and.....are you okay?" she said shyly but stopped after noticing Daiki being so shocked like that, and as a take back, Takaki whacked Daiki

"Ohyeswhat? ...Ah....ah! you were saying what again?" Daiki asked

"I am saying that you're Daiki and I missed you so much!!" she hugged Daiki and he was...oh...still shocked

"Would you like coming with me later?" she asked, Takaki nodded

"I am asking HIM" Hana pointed Daiki

"Oh well, he will surely go by the way" Takaki grinned

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

"Oh Hana..you're friend?" a woman asked..she's obviously Hana's mother. Daiki introduced himself and they had a little talk, but then she had to leave for a work. Daiki sat on the couch, their living room is classy, picture frames are posted on the wall and it made the room look more elegant Hana left for a minute and Daiki was left alone

"Hana-chan~♫" Daiki heard a voice calling Hana, it was a guy, though his voice sounded a bit like a girl's voice, the guy opened the door and stopped after seeing Daiki, Daiki bowed and smiled

"Oh..Hana-chan's not here?" the guy asked in low tone

"Kei-kun! You're here again!" Daiki now heard Hana's voice, she walked through "Kei" and sat across Daiki

"Yeah...who's this chibi chubby guy by the way?"he pointed Daiki and Hana glared at him

"He's Arioka Daiki, we were friends when I was little girl and surprise surprise!!...we're classmates~" she explained, Daiki bowed again

"Hana..you're still a girl...and you're still little" he teased " My name is Inoo Kei, nice to meet you" he continued, he sat next to Daiki and he patted Daiki's shoulders 

"Penguin" he whispered.

Sorry for not updating for two days again..(-_-) And yay!! Part 4!! the end is near... O.o
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